Thursday, July 7, 2011

Homemade Lemonade Update AS PROMISED!

Well folks the time finally came! I had posted last fall about the importance of delayed gratification for young'uns and for my daughter it was about her wish to have a lemonade stand so that she could raise money for a special toy.

The difficulty was that she'd have to wait until warmer weather arrived before her goal could be realized.

While on a walk in the neighbourhood, I had casually mentioned to a neighbour that we were going to have a garage sale in a few weeks. As we continued on with our walk Eden asked about the concept behind a garage sale...

Me "it's a time when we sell all of the things in our home that we no longer use. It's one way to raise money so that we can buy other things we may need."

Eden "well, can I sell lemonade so I can raise money too?"

Isn't it wonderful how life events have a way of connecting previous thoughts to current thoughts, making the incidentals in life seem purposeful? It's as if the things we say and do are building blocks to the things we say and do in our future.

Naturally we recalled her reason for wanting a lemonade stand however she decided to change the purpose to saving up for her trip to Disney.

Looks like the concept of "waiting" was instilled and she now opts for waiting to spend her newly earned money for a time she knows she'll enjoy spending it.

Eden baked butter cookies from using organic ingredients and she juiced 8 lemons to make a lovely batch of organic homemade hibiscus lemonade minus the hibiscus (

Her efforts have paid off (no pun intended), and she raised $22! Do you know how many silly bands that could buy her? haha :) Eden is one happy camper and is very proud of herself, as are we. Of course, her little friend came to enjoy the bounty as well, not to mention myself and hubby :)

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